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March 30, 2007 The topics of “Non-Western Technology” and “Disfunctional Universality Claims” were the topics discussed by our group. First on our plate was Universality and Modernity. We discussed how common understanding, for example gravity, is what everyone believes and whoever does not is considered backwards. On the topic of Modernity, the group in general was a little uncertain of the explanation. Our explanation was that knowledge in a modernity sense of view was that accepting the modern view of knowledge, meaning accepting new beliefs. The topic that held most of our group’s conversation was the one relating Non- Western Technology. This topic created the greatest stir of conversation which agreements and contradictions being thrown back and forth. Whenever one side that supported the underlying issue, which was why the west does not acknowledge non- western technology, came ahead, the other side would counter with a response that created a deadlock. Ethosciences were a part of science that we decided were not
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