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English 401 Personal Essay 5/1/07 Summer of ‘69 Everyone knows the great song “Summer of ‘69” well if I want to remember the “best days of my life” I am going to have to remember the summer of ’06. Therefore, let us see what all the fuss about this summer is. The airplane has landed and we are all restless and cranky. My Mom, Alex, 15 years old, Theodore, 10 years old, and myself at the ripe age of 18 ready to conquer the world. Alex is swearing like usual about the people getting off the plane being so slow, Theodore is trying to act all innocent in front of everyone but is secretly poking Alex in the butt trying to annoy him; my Mom is just tired and has her usual headaches that come with the long flight to Greece. Whereas I am probably the most restless of them all, I am trying to figure out the quickest way off the plane as soon as possible, so we can beat the usual mess at customs and try to find the best spot at the baggage claim. When it comes to traveling, I have always been a pro even from a young age, considering the nine flights to Greece I have been already on. I hate the usual confusion at airports and just want to get out of the bedlam and finally see the people we have all come to greatly love and have missed for a whole year. I have assumed this airport guide role from a young age since we usually never fly to Greece together with my Dad. He instilled in me during my youth that I had to be the “man of the house” since he would not be there but would eventually meet us a month later. I am restless to see my family and at the same time uphold all the responsibilities I have put on myself to make things easier for my mom during our trips. I manage to get the family pass customs smoothly by
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herding them to a new line opening up at customs that I had my eye on. So now, it is on to the awful chore called baggage claim. In the past when I was younger, my uncle, who was a cop, would bypass security and help us out here. However, for the past four flights I have stepped up and have gotten my brother to help me and make it smoother for everyone. On this flight I know I have succeed in supervising everything when my little brother, Theodore, has declared himself bag spotter. Believe me this is a hard job even with the prime spot I have chosen to stake as our own in the dog eat dog world of baggage claim with other Greeks. It does not also help that we have six suitcases to get. To prove himself Alex has assumed the “manly” role of getting the luggage off the conveyer belt. I have already gotten a baggage cart so I feel secure in our position. I tell my Mom she is good to go to the money declaration booth. So there I am left with my brothers trying to get them not to fight each other but to help me. I ignore the occasional swear Alex throws towards Theodore who keeps tricking him by pointing out the wrong suitcases. I am starting to relax a little and finally have started to glance around. My mom is back after a bit and we are all just waiting for our suitcases.
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personal essay - English 401 Personal Essay 5/1/07 Summer...

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