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IA 501 group project - The Oil Solution The world has a...

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The Oil Solution The world has a problem on its hands. The world as we know it today will not last because of the increasing exhaustion of cheap and readily available fuel sources. With our energy source dependency draining all cheap sources, we now have to look for solutions to our sources running out. Making fuel from crops could be the solution we need to replace our oil dependency; however, with the options available to us as of now, achieving such a feat is not currently feasible. To make them feasible on a large scale a few breakthroughs are needed, yet there are three fuels from crops that are now considered feasible at least on a smaller scale. Such fuels include ethanol (from either corn or canes), biodiesel, and cellulosic ethanol. As of now, these fuels are not what will end our demands for oil, yet the ideas behind producing these fuels could be the solution to our oil dependency. Furthermore, these fuels bring hope that the United States’ need for gasoline may end by 2050 (Bourne, 2007). There are also beliefs that we will figure out how to make fuel from plant material other than food: cornstalks, prairie grasses, fast- growing trees, or even algae (Bourne, 2007). The root to the oil dependency solution comes from the fuels we know are made from crops. Using corn ethanol is theorized to be the solution to solving America’s oil dependency. However, using corn ethanol for a solution in America is not the way to go. Nearly all United State’s ethanol is brewed from yellow feed corn (Bourne, 2007). Economically, using corn ethanol is not feasible due to rising corn prices. The price of corn is rising because of the
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IA 501 group project - The Oil Solution The world has a...

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