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judicial politics 4-17-08

judicial politics 4-17-08 - i.e for Roe v Wade – doctors...

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17/04/2008 07:07:00 IMPLEMENTATION Everything and everyone is a potential implementer of court policy implementing populations Interpreting Populations o the trial ct judges – their job to announce what supreme court means Implementing Population (Johnson and candon) o who’s policies are affected: judges, police officers, gov’ts, schools o what do we have to do to comply w/ decision o Brown v. BoE shows this process can be slow Consuming Population o Who’s affected by changed policies:
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Unformatted text preview: i.e. for Roe v Wade – doctors, pregnant women, medical groups/facilities • Secondary Population o Media o Interest groups – fight it or push it in new directions o Lawyers ← ← Case study: VMI • Implementing o Board of visitors o Admissions o US DOJ o Other all-male universities • Consumer population o Women applicants o Alumni o Students • Secondary population o Military ← ← what affects compliance? •...
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