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MIT 027 - Guitar Hero History Guitar Hero is a popular...

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Guitar Hero History Guitar Hero is a popular video game series that is widely recognized for its unique ability to mimic real life guitar playing. The original Guitar Hero was developed by Harmonix Music Systems and released on Sony’s Playstation 2 in November of 2005. Guitar Hero has made an incredible cultural impact on society and has become a popular house party game. Many clubs and bars have begun to offer Guitar Hero nights as an alternative to karaoke. According to an article by Kris Graft, “the franchise has sold over 14 million units in North America…generating sales of over $1 billion.” In 2007 Harmonix Music Systems traded the development rights of Guitar Hero over to the Neversoft Development Company, who released Guitar Hero III: The Legends of Rock in October 2007. Characteristics of Guitar Hero’s Innovation Process: Relative Advantage: Guitar Hero’s advantage over all other video games on the market today is its uniqueness. The product is unlike any other and thus creates a competitive advantage over its competitors. It attracts a target market of those seeking something truly unique and entertaining. Compatibility: Guitar Hero is successful due to its compatibility with highly regarded technological consoles such as Sony’s Playstation 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Current users of these technologies are more likely to adopt a product that is compatible with them. Complexity: The initial complexity of Guitar Hero is understood as it is a product that has not been seen before thus a learning period is required. Guitar Hero has a variety of difficulty levels that will appeal to the beginner and the expert. As time goes on and more Guitar Hero games are
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MIT 027 - Guitar Hero History Guitar Hero is a popular...

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