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Blake Roby 2/19/08 Assignment 3 As discussed in the book, jealousy can be defined as, “a complex of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions resulting from the perception of harm or threat to the self and/or the romantic relationship by a real or potential rival relationship.” In other words, jealousy is the reaction of someone who perceives his or her significant other is involved with someone else. Jealousy sets boundaries for a relationship, so to speak, in that, when a person becomes jealous, their significant other has crossed the line of that person’s definition of a relationship. Some people also try to test their love by flirting with another person, generally a woman flirting with a man, to provoke a reaction out of their significant other. Depending on the reaction, the two could prove the love is there, improve their relationship with one another, or prove the love is not there and go their separate ways. According to the book, there are two types of jealousy, suspicious and
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