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Roby 1 Blake Roby Mr. O’Leary ENC 1102 Section 043 Essay 2 Rough Draft March 4, 2008 Word Count 1030 In a world not to long ago, women were taught to submit to their husbands. In this time frame it was deemed unacceptable for a woman to speak up without her husband’s permission. Therefore, in a pre- women’s rights movement view, it is easy to see why Sophocles’ “Antigone” and Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” were persecuted for their outcomes. In both stories we see two courageous women stand up for themselves and defy the preset notion that men dominate women. In “A Doll’s House” we see a women, Nora, go against her husband and decide to act un-lady like and leave Torvold to live on her own. In “Antigone”, much in the same way, we see Antigone herself defy her Uncle, who is also the King of Thebes. Some central ideas the two stories share are overcoming a conventional, male-dominated society and suffering the consequences of their actions. The main difference between the two women is the ending. Sophocles portrays Antigone to be fairly man-like in her attitude towards society. She sees herself as an equal and respects a spiritual god more than the King. Antigone says, “But leave me to my own absurdity, leave me to suffer this-dreadful thing. I’ll suffer nothing as great as death without glory.”(1065) Ibsen leads us to believe Nora conforms to the conventional society and its ways in the beginning. He does so in the
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Roby 2 same way he eventually leads Nora away from Torvold. Torvold calling Nora his “little
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Antigone vs. Nora - Roby 1 Blake Roby Mr. O'Leary ENC 1102...

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