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ChezGreenhouseQuiz - 6 What is the difference between...

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Quiz May 21, 2007 Name __________________________ Section_________________ 1. The green part of moss is the gametophyte/sporophyte (circle one) generation. 2. Sori are found on what phylum of plants? (common name okay) 3. Sporangium makes ________________; antheridia/archegonia make _______________. 4. Heterocysts are found in some _______________, and their function is ______________________________________. 5. Septate fungi are (circle all that apply): zygomycota, basidiomycota, ascomycota
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What is the difference between conidia and sporangia? (fungi) 7. Kelp is a type of ____________________ (group). 8. Selaginella is a lycophyte which is heterosporous/homosporous (circle one). 9. When is the gametophyte no longer free living? (group) ______________________ 10. Put in order from outside to inside: stamens, petals, carpels, sepals....
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