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Biological Sciences 1C Laboratory Images: These are references to images from the text, Plant Biology (2nd ed.) by Rost, et al; and A Photographic Atlas for the Botany Laboratory (4th ed.) by Van De Graff, et al. These images supplement what you might see in lab; and are listed by the exercises found in the Biological Sciences 1C Laboratory Manual by Canington, et al. These lab images do not substitute for doing the lab exercises. It will be very difficult to succeed in the course if you do not do the lab exercises yourself. Lab 1: The Flowering Plant Body: Bean Seed: Rost: 14.6; Atlas: 9.157 Bean Seedling: Rost: Corn Seed: Rost: 14.3; Atlas: 9.150, 9.152 Corn Seedling: Rost: 14.12; Atlas: 9.128 Morphology of Vegetative Plant Organs: Atlas: 1.4 Stems: Rost: Rhizome: Rost: 5.28a; Atlas: 9.24 Stolon: Rost: 5.29d Corm: Rost: 5.28c; Atlas: 9.24 Tuber: Rost: 5.28b & 5.29; Atlas: Cactus: Rost: 6.17a; Atlas: 9.97, 9.98, 9.102-9.105 Leaves: Rost: 6.1 & 6.2; Atlas: 9.60-9.69 Bulb: Rost: 5.28d; Atlas: Trap: Rost: pg. 96; Atlas: 9.89-9.92 Adventitious Buds: Rost: 6.17c Roots: Rost: 7.3; Atlas: Storage Root: Atlas: 9.5 Prop Root: Rost: 7.5; Atlas: Morphology of Flowers: Rost: 13.1; Atlas: 9.109 Lab 2: Leaves and Roots Leaves: Simple vs. Compound: Rost: 6.2; Atlas: 9.62 Dicot vs. Monocot: Rost: 6.1 & 6.4; Atlas: 9.4, 9.61 Cleared Leaves: Rost: 6.4 Cross Section: Rost: 6.5, 6.8, & 6.10; Atlas: Yucca Cross Section: Rost: 11.4; Atlas: Roots: Primary Root: Rost: 7.6; Atlas: 9.19, 9.20 Ranunculus cross section: Rost: 7.11 & 7.14; Atlas: Casparian Strip: Rost: 7.12 & 7.13; Atlas: Lateral Root Initiation: Rost: 7.16;
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Botany Images Reference - Biological Sciences 1C Laboratory...

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