AIDS review midterm

AIDS review midterm - 1981 article in MMWR written by...

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Unformatted text preview: 1981- article in MMWR, written by gohlieb (ucla)5 men with PCP- young gay men, activePCP- pneumocystis carini pneumonia (only seen in ppl who are immune suppressed- transplant, etc)Most vulunerable in US:African American- MSM, young, urbanAIDS #1 affects: 20, 30, 401.distorts the demographic2.economic impact- low work force, decrease economic growth, erodes productivity. Destroys human capital= discourages foreign investments.Education system impactsNo studentsNo money for uniformsNo teachers (dead, or fled)Health careNo doctors/nurses (dead, fled)Too many patients for them to take care ofPolitical impacts- AIDS a threat to global security- weakens the govt. (drain them of skills, manpower, decreases social revenues) Fuels political unrest between nations. (distrust of own govt- like south African president)CIA report- 5 countries by 2010 most HIV+ patients:China, Ethiopia, india, Nigeria, Russia2007 proposed federal spending:22.8 billion (in US)global spending in 2006: 8.9 billion (not including the US)TRENDSHuge disproportion: Blacks and Hispanics are disproportionally infected. HemophiliacsBlood supply testing started in 1985- 90% already infectedBlood banks did not warn the patients- did not implement the hep b (surrogate) testingMales to wife to child (vertical transmission)Survival trendIncreasing % ppl alive after 2 years b/c: better treatment (decrease in AIDS cases and deaths- put bulge in graph of ppl w/treatment w/delayed death), better prevention (behavorial changes) Gallo- national cancer institute under NIA...
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AIDS review midterm - 1981 article in MMWR written by...

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