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Final review, bild - BILD 36 Review for Final Exam Exam...

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BILD 36 Review for Final Exam Exam Announcements The review session is Sun, Dec 3, 5-7 PM, Solis 104. The final exam is Tues, Dec 5, 7-10 PM, in WLH 2001 . (Note change in location!) The exam will be closed-notes/closed-book. You must write in nonerasible pen and avoid using white-out in order to be considered for a regrade. Your handwriting must be legible; we will disregard answers which cannot be deciphered. The final exam is comprehensive (with emphasis on material since the midterm) and will cover: all the lectures, the supplemental readings since the midterm, including the article Caring for a Dying Continent , the videos: The Age of AIDS, part 2, Surviving AIDS , Dealing with the Demon, part 3, AIDS in Africa , the second half of My Own Country , the assigned reading in AIDS, The Biological Basis . You are accountable for all the reading, even if I did not cover it in lecture. However, you do not have to know the molecular details in more depth than I presented in lecture. The final exam will be 55% of your grade. There are no make-up exams unless you have a DIRE emergency, which must be properly documented. In that case I will offer you an oral exam. On the exams, there may be essay questions about the reading, guest speakers, or videos. Answering essay questions is not quite the same as answering shorter questions, because it is necessary to develop a point or argument. Just because you offer your opinion, or touch on each of the points does not mean you will get full credit. Full credit requires that you present a thoughtful and well-developed (which does not mean lengthy!) answer, supported by insightful and compelling reasoning and material from the reading or video . Please keep in mind that accomplishing this in a concise way is far more impressive than rambling on unnecessarily or incoherently! To a certain extent, your response will be compared to those of your classmates and judged according to the quality of the answers we see from the class as a whole. So do not complain later about your score on such a question assuming that just because you answered it you would automatically get full credit. Grading essays is not an exact science, like grading other types of questions.
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Graded final exams will be available near the elevators on the second floor of Pacific Hall starting Wednesday, Dec 13, if you have signed the waiver. If you have not signed the waiver, you may make an appointment with Dr. Gus to pick up your exam. If you believe an error has been made grading your final exam, it must be submitted with a written description of the grading error by 5 PM, January 16, 2007. I will not entertain discussions of such appeals before they are made in writing. I will consider no more than three “potential errors” per exam. If I think the TA was too generous grading it, I reserve the right to lower your score. Finally, it is critical that you read the key before submitting your regrade. It will be posted on the web site. Students are expected to do their own work, as outlined in the UCSD Policy on Academic
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Final review, bild - BILD 36 Review for Final Exam Exam...

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