vis- and then there were none. movie questions

vis- and then there were none. movie questions -...

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Yixin (Charlotte) Huang 11/6/06 TA: F. Cereijido Vis 21- Sowell “And Then There Were None” 1. What is the story being told? This movie tells the story of the rich culture and traditions of Hawaii, and how the country and native rituals and practices were lost after being taken over by the Americans. Before foreigners came into their land, the people of Hawaii enjoyed a rich culture, with no separation between god, man, and earth. Around the late 1700’s, foreigner’s came and bought/sold land that belonged to the natives. With the new settlers also came new diseases that the Hawaiian people had never seen before and therefore had no immunity against. Illnesses such as measles and the chicken pox were wiping out the population. In 1893 the U.S. marines came into the island, arrested and imprisoned the queen of Hawaii, taking her back into the US. This caused rage among the Hawaiians, and in response they participated in open protest against the united states. President Cleveland saw this mayhem and intended to return the queen, but before he could act on his words president McKinley succeeded him. McKinley unlike Cleveland, ignored the pleas of the queen and instead of granting her the freedom she deserved, forced the queen to abdicate her throne to the control of the United States. When the Hawaiian flag was lowered, it was said that the native elders of the island wailed so loud that their cries could be heard throughout all the islands. With annexation, workers and people from the United States began migrating and moving into the island, and so much people came that the Hawaiians eventually became a minority in their own country. Along with the mass settlement came the influence of Christianity, and missionary schools were set up all over the islands
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vis- and then there were none. movie questions -...

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