AIDS- movie notes 11-13-06

AIDS- movie notes 11-13-06 - Dealing with the demon....

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Dealing with the demon. Northern Thailand- modern surge is taking hold. Heroine introduced- a man was the most respected, now shoots 4-5 times a day. Heroin part of a global problem. Around the world- problem dealt in diff. Ways Australia- given clean needles. USA- arrested. Struggle over drug for over 100 yrs. Dispute over use for medicine and drug. Opium- was used for medicine. Then became illegal, so the smokers turned to heroin as a subs. Man has 4 brothers who are injecting- 3 of then HIV +. 1969- first heroin lab opened in Thailand. For the Vietnam ppl fighting the war. Poppies were also available. City to village- the use of needles. It was cheaper than smoking. Then girls sold into Thailand for sex slaves- they did not even know. After they came back, they were HIV+. One of the girls 12 when sold- first to come back with HIV. Her family was poor because her dad takes heroin. Connection between heroin, HIV, and drug use a big problem in asia- 5 million heroin users in asia. Jenny gray- did research into the drug use in Thailand and asia Outreach programs- try to control the addiction. Dr. Ingrid van beek- go to places on the streets at night where crimes. Sex rates tend to be
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AIDS- movie notes 11-13-06 - Dealing with the demon....

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