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Main points: what the basic story/point is. How this relates to what we’re talking about 11/13/06 tattoos. Samoa- south pacific, fished and plant crops for hundreds of years -Supreme god- talahajki. But the Europeans colonized- did not change the samao way -The prestige/is passed down from father to son. Wealth is by giving, not by accumulation. Tradition to tattoo people. With ink. -sevice to the chief was required - only the men taotooists were allowed to serve in the house of chiefs, and those who have the tattoo allowed to go in
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Unformatted text preview: -faleolupe- where the art of tattoo originated. -Symbols of boat on tattoo-represents the men who came to the islands. -Now, all the samoans united as one in special ceremonies. Difficult to merge the American and samoan life- have to live the American life at work and can only live traditionally at home. Missed a lot of the culture as he grows up in the US cant wait to go back to samoa so he can get the tatau. The first missionaries- 1830. many had incorporated the Christian religion into their lifestyles....
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