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vis arts essay- james luna - Yixin(Charlotte Huang TA F...

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Yixin (Charlotte) Huang TA: F. Cereijido (Mondays @ 9am) 11/29/06 Vis 21- Sowell James Luna For much of history, the Native Americans have always been oppressed and controlled by the new American settlers who pushed these natives out of their natural homes. As the Americans forcefully seized the land and resources that had rightfully belonged to the native Indians, the cultures of these people were forgotten and they were given derogative labels that undermined their importance. The natives have been assumed to be primitive and amateurish. However, many contemporary native Indians have tried to revive their rich culture and overcome all the social stigmas and labels that have always accompanied their ethnicity since the invasions of the Americans. James Luna stands out as a prominent contemporary Native American artist who, through performances and installations, has successfully drawn attention to the oppressions and unfair treatment his people has endured as well as reassert his identity by connecting with his history and the history of his ancestors. One of Luna’s most noticeable installations, “The Artifact Piece”, effectively
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This note was uploaded on 04/19/2008 for the course VIS 21 taught by Professor Sowell during the Fall '06 term at UCSD.

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vis arts essay- james luna - Yixin(Charlotte Huang TA F...

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