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mus15 lecture 1 - lecture 2 Last time African spiritual...

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1/22/07 lecture 2 Last time: African spiritual - different types of spirituals- songs of liberation and hope. Not just physical- can be a hidden message. o cult songs- “follow the drinking gourd” followed the star to take north- escape slavery o jubilees- escaping, judgement day. The veneration of jesus and god. Celebrated religious figures. The anticipation of judgement day. Famous singing group- fisk jubilee singers. traveled around after slavery was abolished. 1870’s. sang for Q. Eliza, in England “moses don’t get lost”- breaking the bonds of slavery and achieving freedom. o Kept spirits up- idea of liberation in spirituals that gives emotional/ideological qualities. Was a resistance to the singing of spirituals (by the blacks) - but over time they were exposed to Christianity and turned to hope. That’s where they heard the hymns and received hope. Minstrelsy By 1909 (after emancipation, kkk) ppl have been enjoying the minstrel show for a long time. - originated from white performers pretending to be black onstage- racist. But this is how a lot of white artists became rich o el josen- performed in black face for most of his life (a jew from the Bronx) o ex: ppl were ranked by race (southern)- but the reality was that it was not that simple. Author Samuel- observed the diseases that pertained to black ppl – implied that the black slaves were cunny and intelligent. Deliberate because they do not want to be worked till they die. o Was a much grayer area- Samuel believes in polygenesis- every race was derived from different species (blacks were destined for servitude). Also that blacks have more endurance to do hard work than the white men
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mus15 lecture 1 - lecture 2 Last time African spiritual...

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