music lectureTHREE 1-29-07

music lectureTHREE 1-29-07 - COON SONGS- racially charged...

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COON SONGS - racially charged Traditional ragtime music (piano) came out of 2 genres: coon songs and kate walk. Coon songs- fulfilled functions. Had racist segregation laws in the south - 30 years after the emancipation proclamation - At one point, was legal to segregate on trains/buses- breeding ground for the broad attacks on black - Reconstruction era- the most violent time. When the slaves became free people. Whites were threatened by the potential of the blacks o As long as the blacks knew their place- wasn’t a problem. But the whites were still scared. Caused many violent acts. o The blacks even started getting into politics o Rise of KKK, still around, but not really seen. They had hatred for not only blacks, but jews and others too. As long as they could get away with it, they would kill them - after civil war ended- conditions became worse. o 1889-1899 1 negro killed every 2 days. Movie “the birth of a nation” by D.W. Driffith - created in US 1915- first full length feature film to exist. - Premiered at the white house- president Wilson has praise for it- even though it condescends the negros as second class. And this was 30 years AFTER reconstruction- obvious that racism was still present. - Damsel in distress agitated by the black people. The KKK come and saves the girl- chase away the “bad” black people. - movie: o the KKK member wishes to marry the white man’s daughter, but her father says that the town has been taken over by white ppl. o The blacks portrayed as tyrants creating a havoc in town center, and the white are the victims of this mob. The KKK members want to help the whites, but even they can only helplessly look on. o While the blacks create a havoc, the whites hide in fear and wait for the KKK to save them o The damsel in distress is saved by a KKK member, and 10 more barge in ready to strike the blacks - disturbing- the blacks are portrayed as evil blood thirsty ppl
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music lectureTHREE 1-29-07 - COON SONGS- racially charged...

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