music lecture FIVE 2-26-07

music lecture FIVE 2-26-07 - In 19th century america when...

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In 19 th century america- when the music truly matured (ragtime). At the beginning of the 20 th century. Maple leaf rag- most famous piece. Written in 1899 by scott Joplin. Piano ragtime music: 5 main points to help the explosion of ragtime: 1. the phonograph (by Thomas Edison)- 1877. invent the first sound recording device. Wasn’t for entertainment, but for dictation purpose. a. Tinfoil cylinder- but wasn’t able to record well, and can only use for one time. b. Then came Alexander grahm bell- invented graphaphone. Around 1880s i. Made wax covered cylinders, which was better - both realized they were better for entertainment purposes, not for recording. - The xylophone- was the best for recording. (had a more sharper sound) - The phonograph was installed at different locations- put penny in order to hear the music o Up till then, could only hear music by hearing them live. - by 1906, victor patrola- had machines that enticed people to buy for their homes. o These machines pulled in millions- exploded in people’s homes - 1912- invented the diamond stylists, needles. Then came the 2 sided disks. Could record more time and songs. Then could get almost 4 mins of music in a side - In albums from the 70’s. the tapes would start playing, then when it came from the real part of the tape- the real song came on. - People could listen to music in their own homes 2. 5+ Dime Store a. Had sheet music and early records. i. Started sprouting in the US as things progressed. Like a convenience store, where there was candy, as well as these records 3. traveling salesmen a. bring back sheet music, as well as other stuff. 4. Troupes/touring valdville. a. Start touring, go out all over the US to perform. Come to hometown, play the song, and if the song is liked, the music would sell at the 5+ dime store. 5.
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music lecture FIVE 2-26-07 - In 19th century america when...

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