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music lecture SIX 3-5-07

music lecture SIX 3-5-07 - Final 3/21 not cumulative Not...

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Final 3/21 not cumulative Not scantron, but some MC, and some short answer (1/2 word answers, no more than 3 sentences). No listening from first midterm. Bring pencil. No bluebook/scantron needed to bring. Scott Joplin - sadalia, Missouri in 1894. lived there in his late 20s, early 30s o Thriving community (communication, commerce, busy town) o At least 2 musical ensemble, 4 sports team, 4/5 newspaper, 20 churches. o Ragtime was the music of the day, heard in saloons, bars, etc. o Woods Opera House- had segregated seatings. Racist, but at least they had the opportunity to live o Where Joplin lived George R. Smith College. Played for band, pianist o Then worked for a while in a brothel - Joplin and others pursue 3 goals in respect to publishing: o Give music salable form- make money off it. So make sheet music o Expand ragtime to a range of customers who would be exposed to the music o Elevate the status of ragtime- could never elevate status if the music was only played in brothels. When in brothels, was not for higher society. - had similar form: 4 bar, standardized form. Added embellishments to music. o can trace back to African musical traditions o maple leaf rag: 1899 by John Stark in Sadalia. Landmark moment in ragtime music. much commercial success. Over 1 million copies of sheet music. o appealed to white audiences as well as black o Maple leaf rag: Form: AABBACCDD (on darp) One of his most important compositions, most important for his career. Publication included royalty- the income made him rich- bought a huge mansion - 1901. left sadalia for st. louis o Wrote opera for black touring company- but never really famous - 1902- “the entertainer” another massive hit. o Very famous, even now. Appeared in movie “Sting” - worked as teacher till he died in 1922? - Composed another opera called “Treemonisha” his second opera. o Wrote his own libretto- wrote his own words to the opera o This piece took up most of his energy while the was in NYC Showed his respect for composer Richard voger, who also wrote his own libretto o Not just a fictional medium, but used to express many of his personal thoughts and ideas.
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o Part of opening tune: the real slow drag: where townsppl declear treemonisha as their leader. She is both literally and metaphorically leading the ppl.
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music lecture SIX 3-5-07 - Final 3/21 not cumulative Not...

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