music lecture SEVEN 3-12-07

music lecture SEVEN 3-12-07 - Final: 3/21 7pm in lecture...

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Final: 3/21 7pm in lecture room (WLH 2001). Out of 90, 7 listening examples. Do listening! Do the sections repeat? Most important. No more 3-5 sentences for answers. Not cumulative, but may have some historical stuff that were from before. Factors that got ragtime out into the world? (dime store, door to door) Bring pencil, ID James Reese Europe African America band leader in the US (the most famous band leader in the turn of the turn of 20 th century-john phillip) - born in Alabama, 1881. both parents were musicians. At 10, family moved to Washington DC from Alabama, and lived a few doors down from john phillip susa. - Susa worked for the marine band, for the black community in the DC area. o Gave lessons to promising children. o James Europe was among these black children. Received classical musical education from the marine band. o Then Europe was interested in composing, entered contest for mmusic composition at 14yrs. His sister won. - by early 20’s, Europe continued musical studies in NYC. Wrote ensemble, coral (sung) pieces - then george girshwin, cited Europe was his inspiration o girshwin idolized Europe, wanted to know how he composed. - in 1910, Europe founded African American organization- THE CLEF CLUB . symphony orchestra o part faternal, part union. o Bought building on west 3 rd street in NYC, headquarters of the club, also an office for booking, and a meeting place o Europe was the club’s first elected president, and conductor of the symphony orchestra. o Started asking for pay for their work. Before they just got whatever ppl were willing to pay them o Played in Carnicky hall in NYC, “how do you get to carnicky o May 2 nd , 1912 they played at the hall- so well received they were invited
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music lecture SEVEN 3-12-07 - Final: 3/21 7pm in lecture...

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