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Yixin (Charlotte) Huang MMW2- Chamberlain. CREATION CHART Section C17 Jan 18 th , 2007 Creator How created What created from, what material God's view of humans Human's place in world Male/Female difference Atrahasis Mami- goddess of fertility humans created by mami and inki (brick maker) They were made out of clay bricks bu mami and the brick maker inki humans are of a much lower status than the gods humans were made so the gods would not have to do work. female fertility restricted. No difference? Epic of Creation Ea (Nudimmud) Marduk killed Qingu, and discussed to Ea that it would be appropriate to make mankind out of the body of Qingu. man was created from the blood of Qingu, who was killed by Marduk in the fight against Tiamat. humans lower status than god, was a primeval man. humans were made so the gods would not have to do work. created equal- no difference. Genesis I god on the 6th day, god had already created the day and night, land and vegetation, the sun and moon, animals,
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Unformatted text preview: and finally on the 6th day he decided to create humans. he created man and woman based on the image of himself they were the exact image of him, so they would rule the land he made in his place. humans would be the king of all the animals, they would proliferate and dominate all that was created my god man and woman were created at the same time, so they were equal in god's eyes. Genesis II god god needed someone to tend to the fields and take care of his land, so he created man to help him. god took the dust from the earth and blew into his nostrils the breath of life. Then the man became a living being. humans were made to do god's work for him, and take care of his creations the man was given the power to choose the name for all the animals that god created. He also was in charge of the land and creatures. the woman was created from the rib of the man, so women had a inferior status and position compared to men....
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