Jeopardy review- mmw2

Jeopardy review- mmw2 - MMW2 Jeopardy Game 3/16/07 Rules:...

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MMW2 Jeopardy Game 3/16/07 Rules: You can ask for any level throughout the questions (does not have to be in order) The question needs to read be out fully and the answer has to be in a question form, like what is, who is etc. Once the question is read all groups can answer the question, whoever answers first will get a shot at the question, if you answer correctly you get the point and choose the next question. If not you will get 0 points and the question is open again to the other groups. ** is a daily double, this means the answer is worth twice the points The starting group will be determined by who answers this question correctly first: o He wrote a 150 scroll long, very patriotic history of Rome. Answer : Who was Livy? 1. Philosophies 200 This philosophy believed that people were naturally selfish and that they needed to be controlled with a system of strict laws and punishments? Answer : What is Legalism? 400 ** Living from 551-479BC, he never wrote down a single word. He did not teach about spirits or religion. Instead, his 70 disciples wrote down everything he said which became known as the Lun Yu. His courtesy name is Chung-Ni. Answer : Who is Confucius? 600 They are considered the four main philosophies of ancient China. Answer: what is Moism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism? 800 He considered democracy - the rule of the ‘mob”- as aristocracy gone wrong. Answer: Who is Aristotle, Xenophon, or the Old Oligrach? 1000 This term describes the stage in a Buddha’s path to nirvana where he gives up everything to search for enlightenment. Answer: What is renunciation? 2. Flood stories 200 In this book, the story tells of lots of plants, animals, and people being shoved on a big boat. Answer : What is the Bible/ Book of Genesis? 400
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Jeopardy review- mmw2 - MMW2 Jeopardy Game 3/16/07 Rules:...

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