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lecture 4-5-07

lecture 4-5-07 - Searching for order in Southeast Asia WEEK...

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Searching for order in Southeast Asia WEEK 1 - a lot of ppl, (around the middle east, east to west) o amenians o jews o arabs o Persians, etc In mmw2, Assyrians, Sumerians, Babylonians - but these, eastern ppl moving west, - also with the Persians (558BCE- 330BCE) o largest empire we’ve seen so far o challenges in achieving unity o notable quality: religious tolerance in the beginning the Persian king liberated the jews who were in captivity. Sent the jews home to help them restart in their homeland Hellenistic world - spread of freek culture abroad - now the west are driving east - alex the great: dominated the Persians o “he advanced to the end of the earth” from their view, this is the whole world. - alex died, 323 o empire stretched in fragments all the way to India- none were able to keep the emipire together o political disunity, o but culture harmony in the 3 regions that are divided scientific discovery math investigation literature but different in this world. Unlike plato, aristophenes, Socrates. They mock the government, satire everything but in the Hellenistic age, lit turns away from politics. Cannot poke fun at ppl who can kill you talk about sex, relationship, thought/philosophy the cynics- “why do you come to mmw with clothes on?” that kind of question. o Have to toss aside convention, think outside the box. Why obey convention? o Diogenes- the model cynic. Alex the great wants to meet this cynic. He goes to the beach to meet Diogenes. He says “if I cannot be alex, I want to be diogenes Epicureanism- fine wine, good food. Indulge in pleasures
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o Goal in life is pleasure. Almost the opposite of cynics o Not overindulgence, but indulging enough, mild aestheticism. Stoicism- impact on later traditions, including christinaty o The logo (reason, logic, word), power control universe. o The logos put us on some place in the world, we can only achieve peace when we understand that. o Two important stoics: Epitetus: slave, handicapped. Marcus aurelius: roman emperor? Greek art: oppsed to Hellenistic world - majesty, symmetry - idealized image, unrealistic Hellenistic art: - with clothing, lifelike. It looks actual lifelike. Does not try to convey dramatic philosophy - convey emotion. Asthetic in true sense of world
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