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lecture 4-12-07

lecture 4-12-07 - CHRISTIANITY Goal jesus in context spread...

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CHRISTIANITY Goal: jesus in context, spread, martyrdom, development (orthodox- small oath, canon- list of books, the new testament), From 1-2 nd century CE The new testament - jesus executed 30CE - first pieces of new testament, letters of paul written in the 50CE o chronological, start with paul, not the gospel (came 20 years later) - gospel “good news” of jesus o means they are not biographies, does not give the useless information o written by matthew, mark, luke, john- 4 gospels o “kata”- according to mark, john, luke… o The gospel according to the tradition of this person- does not mean he wrote it. o These 4 gospels agreed to by the whole community o Mark is the first- used by matthew and luke. They use the traditions of mark’s gospels. 90% mark found in matthew. 60% found in luke. o Are stuff in matthew, luke, that are not in other gospels. Also same stuff in matthew and luke but not in mark. The mysterious Q source- there must be another tradition that hasn’t been found. Explain why stuff in matthew and luke not in mark. o first 3 gospels- called symoptic gospel. Share similar image of jesus. o Gospel of john- Christians recognize, from the 3 rd century, not like the others. He theoretical, does not tell you the history. He tells you the spiritual aspects In john, jesus does not tell parables. Leopards that jesus heals in matthew, mark, luke, not in john In john, notion of preexistence that is not in other 3 gospels- jesus existed before he was born - book of history- acts of apostles. Tells story of early church. What happens when jesus was executed. 80-95 o does not end. Each Christian continues the story. - book of revelation- one revealing o written end of 1 st century - 50 years of writing in new testament - Message passed orally. No new testament written form, in the 1 st century - No single document till 4 th century first time we have all 27 books of the new testament. - Language- written in greek. Coine greek. Simple greek, for non natives. The age of augustus
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- he brought peace to the republic - creates empire that lasts 200 years - Judea- he leaves in hand of native king herod.
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lecture 4-12-07 - CHRISTIANITY Goal jesus in context spread...

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