lecture 4-19-07

lecture 4-19-07 - GERMANIC WEST AND BYZANTINE EAST For the...

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For the midterm on may 8 th Online readings and tips, on wetpaint. What we can skim, and what we need to know. Last lecture, development of orthodox and heresy (picking what they want for their cause) Try to find unity through belief. Try to force the people to fit into the religion. Constantine’s forceful conversion of everyone in the empire. Christian only tolerated religion by the end of 4 th century. If you are not Christian, may be persecuted. . Then capitol moved eat to Constantinople. Theollogy- can they be united under a common religion? No. they don’t view the scriptures in the same way, so become a political problem. In response to these power, appearance of hermits. Mannastic movement. Monks. GERmanic migration into western Europe empire. - division of the Germaniic west and byztine east. - The consequences of papacy, contrast with the centralized east. - Icons. Why they become so important in the orthodox world - 400-600 CE Germans and romans. - they are different tribes/ppl. They share a linguistic connection, same family of languages - agricultural villages, no cities. - Distinct from romans, who call the germans barbarians. - Beer and butter people. N. Europe does not produce wine and olive oil. - West dominated by olive oil and wine (greeks and romans) - Then in the middle ages, the beer and butter ppl dominate - They have no state, no concept of one (like the republic in Rome) o Loyal to a chief, but only in as much as he can deliever the good. o By being loyal to him, you get benefits. If he cannot deliever, then no loyalty - raids popular. How they show their loyalty - the chiefs are different from other officials in romans, they are limited by custom and tradition. o Ex. The vase of soissons. He gives vase to soldier, and no right to take it back. So the soldier smashes the vase. - since no concept of state, different law. o Frankish law: everything is personal. If you attack someone, will keep attack back and forth. Everything personal. Others don’t get involved. o
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lecture 4-19-07 - GERMANIC WEST AND BYZANTINE EAST For the...

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