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SEARCHING FOR ORDER IN SW ASIA: ETHIOPIA AND PERSIA Look at middle east, piece of Africa, and southwest asia Kingdom of Ethiopia Ancient people, mentioned in the bible, new testament, etc - based around city of aksum - fertile land - inscriptions assigned o king of kings, received free food in great amounts o very rich. o On their coins, pictures of grain Reflect abundance of supply. - connected by seaport of adulis to other kingdoms. o Connect to s. Arabia. o See contact in terms of language, crops, cultures, ideas, scripts o Language (ge’ez) uses script that has been adapted to s. Arabian. - also connects to roman world- through trade o see influence of romans and greek language o greek used on Ethiopian coins, scriptures, cereals, various writings o also produces slaves - coffee- also comes from Ethiopia. The berries from the tree. o Story- in early middle ages,9-11 century. A goat herder watches his flock and muches on the coffee buries. After goat eat these, gets hyper. Affected by caffeine, and coffee was born o Significance is part of mmw4 o Even today, part of 10 great producers of coffee - in 3 rd century, Persian prophet called mani. o Thinks of 4 kingdoms that dominate world- rome, Persia, china, and ETHIOPIA o The stelaes- giant buidings that rise up- reflect the wealth, power of Ethiopia. - the army led my Mussolini- one place he looks to dominate is Ethiopia- o one of the only states that had not been conquered by Europe. o He takes one of the great Ethiopia obolist and takes it to rome- prove that the roman empire had been reestablished. o After ww2, Italians on the loosing side. Ethiopia wants this structure back, but the Italians don’t know how to get it back o Returned 4/25/2005. remained in rome for 50 years - chritianity- religion in the 4 th century. After Constantine. o
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