lecture 4-26-07

lecture 4-26-07 - ETHIOPIA AND PERSIA how do they show...

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ETHIOPIA AND PERSIA - how do they show religion? Power? - state policy? Make conflict more probable? - Other factors/ o Are they truly interested in religion? Or just use as façade to justify political power? o Which motivates the king to act Persians and romans- they have no boundaries between them. Always get in each others was and constant warfare. China and Rome- - No contact, and don’t even know the other exist. - Separated not only by distance, but himilayan mountains, desert, many people CHINA- main activity largely in the east. - two major rivers: yellow and yanze. - Shift of population to the south. In MMW2: - 3 dominant ideas o Confucianism- propriety, virtue, value, right in heart. Emphasize on perfecting the individual o Taoism- wuwei, no action. Popular person Lao tzu. o Legalism- state law. The state is in the center of everything. Law is instrument of the state. Ppl learn from punishment. - Qin Dynasty (3 rd century). o First emperor- united china under legalism o Centralized the culture- one script, one currency, weights/measure. Labor conscription- forced to work for govt. Force ppl into army- mobilize resources. o harsh laws/penalties. Exessice disagree with emperor- death. Descent not an option- everything had to follow these laws. Hundreds of scholars killed for their ideas. Classics burned o legalism dominant ideas- all others will corrupt the state HAN CHINA 206bc- 220ad - 2 parts of dynasty o Fomer (western) o Latter (eastern) - founded by Liu Bang/Gaoz o a commoner- cut off the rich class- they no longer had control of everything o only one other commoner who became king- in the ming dynasty - today the people are called “the people of han” o identify themselves with one dynasty o not seen in the romans “the people of romer”??
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- ruled by propaganda o made the qin look bad, so the han would look great in comparision o legalism destroyed the people and burned the books. HANS abolished legalism. The state all followed confucianism Promote the idea that they were not like the legalists and would rule fairly. o a proliferation of writing in contrast. Look good. Many poetry, painting.
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lecture 4-26-07 - ETHIOPIA AND PERSIA how do they show...

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