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lecture 5-3-07

lecture 5-3-07 - UNITY RESTORED SUI AND TANG CHINA Last...

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UNITY RESTORED: SUI AND TANG CHINA Last time, Mahayana Buddhism from India to china - through china, japan, Vietnam, - concept of bodhisattvas- light. N Ch’an (zen) – japan, focus on meditation - not study text or memorize. Meditation in the Buddha nature - how much money given to temple- doesn’t help you - a bod. Is meditating- hard time stay awake o cut off eyelid with razor so he cant sleep. Drops his eyelid on the ground. Sprouts out tea leaves from his eyelid. Legendary story between drinking of caffeinated tea and Buddhism. o Tea important product in Chinese/world economy Today: unification of china, under sui and tang dynasty (6-10 th century) Sui dynasty (589-618). Tang dynasty (618-907) - don’t last long, but effects long lasting - like the Qin. - Chinese golden age, sui and tang like the same dynasty - Chinese influence spreading japan, korea, India, etc - Chinese openness. Dynasty of mixed ancestory o Chinese and central asian ancestry here. o many students study abroad to come to china o part of the influence of china in this period - N most famous Chinese poet in this period Sui Dynasty. - put together by Yang Jian- emperor Wendi. - Strong economy- taxes o Equal fields system adopted by the sui (govt controls all land, assign land to individual) o Burearcracy strong. Know who is out there, force you to pay taxes and provide labor. - establish the rule of avoidance o “if official in NY, wont let you control NY, you might have inner connections” o Once you serve a certain term, make you serve elsewhere. o Fear of ties created between officials - with these, sui will build - also link to Buddhism. o Wendi spend first 12 years under Buddhist nun. o Then receive military training o Become emperor, ends the persecution of Buddhism o In capitol of sui, monk that serves as high priest of the emperor. o They support Buddhism, but also don’t want it to sway out of control.
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o Establish stupas throughout empire (monuments that contain relics) o Try to emulate asoka (indian kind in mmw2) - wendi marries his son to women from the south (northern emperor) - reconnect the north and south- builds the grand canal.- 1200 miles connecting
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lecture 5-3-07 - UNITY RESTORED SUI AND TANG CHINA Last...

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