lecture 5-9-07 WEEK 6.2

lecture 5-9-07 WEEK 6.2 - ORDER IN SW ASIA AND THE BEYOND...

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ORDER IN SW ASIA AND THE BEYOND: THE RISE OF ISLAM ECONOMIST magazine, even today: talking about Thailand. Buddhist nationalist demands that government charter that Buddhism be recognized as the national religion. Buddhism must be in the constitution. The themes in this course has direct impact on modern world. --------------------------------------------------- Now in southwest asia- talked about Hellenistic world, selucids, attempt to establish unity, Then Persian empire under sassanian dynasty. Both failed. Third attempt to bring unity to southwest asia: finally a success. MUHAMMAD AND THE RISE OF ISLAM - succeeds at bringing unity of some kind for the first time - sufi tradition: poems - then shi’ite power and influence. (mainly in 10 th century) Muhammad- the prophet. (d. 632) - look at him in the same way as jesus. Like the Christian look at jesus - consider values/practices in Arabia where he was from - key sources: qur’am- the holy scripture for muslims. o Biographies, ishaq, hisham (8 th , 9 th century). Gap between death of Muhammad and the biographies written about him. What does gap mean/? - traditions; Hadiths (saying/oral transmission of the worlds of Muhammad. Tramsmitted orally over time) o independent of qur’amn- answer questions of what is/is not acceptable socially. o Al-bukkhari – collected 600,000 sayings of Muhammad. Then 2000 that were legit. Died in 9 th century Common beliefs of islam: - creation- god is the source. - Notion of human origins- like adam and eve - Abraham as founding figure - Beliefs in prophets/Hebrew scripture. Muslims believe they are prophets o Jesus also a prophet - in the last judgment/resurrection of the dead - final judgement/hell, heaven different from chritian - jesus is not son of god, did not die for the sins of ppl - jesus did not die on the cross, does not have that kind of power basics: - quran- recitation - god is oneness- does not need anyone. Rules over all - “islam”- submission. One who submits to god is “muslim”
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- They worship in the mosque- face mecca. o No pews/seats in the mosque. Postrating for prayer. o Take shoes off in mosque- holy ground. Background: - s. Arabia. Like a island. - Like a great desert. Blact sea, red sea on either side, Persians in east, romans in west - In south, yemen, rise of important trading kingdoms that are connected to the wider world. -
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lecture 5-9-07 WEEK 6.2 - ORDER IN SW ASIA AND THE BEYOND...

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