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lecture 5-15-07


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FINDING ORDER IN SW ASIA AND BEYOND- THE RISE OF ISLAM Last time- rise of muslam tradition. Sunni- the majority of the muslim world. Still there today. Also other traditions - shi’ites- the dominant group in iran and iraq. Through mmw3, iran not shi’ite - sufi- the smallest in terms of numbers. Islam- - qur’an. The revelations come from god through angels to Muhammad to the world o not something new- not new message/revelation from god. o God correcting the message that had been corrupted. o Think the jewish.christian scriptures are the corrupted version of god’s words. Muhammad - each time after the battle, the jews are kicked out o signify tension between jews and islam? NO o they only kicked out because they are not part of UMA- the community of medina. Has nothing to do with their tradition o but why third massacred? The last jewish clan betrayed the cause. They chose to not defend the community. That’s the reason for their punishment. Not question of anti-senitism. The idea didn’t exist. It’s a question of loyalty Women- - clothing- hijab. Fully covering the woman - challenge to the scriptures- what does this mean? Can one be muslim if unveiled? Leadership - Muhammad head of the umma. Above the tribal decisions - When he dies, has no sons. Who will guide community? He created unity between hijab, o Decide they need a leader- Khalifa. He is not a prophet. The prophecy end with Muhammad o Will guide by the revelations/memories of Muhammad. The first 4 khalifs all personally knew Muhammad. Arab Empire - overwhelm the Persian/Byzantine empire. - Move across n. Africa into spain. - Become military caste of the empire. Highest group/military elite. But they have a concern o Arabs who are conquering are Bedouin. o Bedouin (like to raid) come in. they farm, so will bring in animals to disrupt settled societies. o So he khalids create garrison towns. (iraq, kun, etc)- where the Bedouin have to live and stay. Separate the population from the Bedouin.
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o They are not trying to convert the ppl, or unifying. (qur’an in right hand, sword in left) o The arabs are the minority. They will leave the garrison towns when needed.
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