lecture 5-17-07

lecture 5-17-07 - SHI’ITE POWER/ISLAM IN AFRICA The rise...

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SHI’ITE POWER/ISLAM IN AFRICA The rise of the shi’ite movement Berbers- in sub-saharan Africa Shi’ite islam- significance? Recap: - transition of arab empire from medina to Damascus in Syria. o Umayyad family who controlled empire take over in 661 o When in power, arab in power. arab exclusivity o If one converts to islam, then become second class, client of arab tribe o Tension give rise to abbasid dynasty Opens up to all- as long as in sunni culture Capitol Baghdad - increase in Persian influence. - Baghdad- new capitol is built near old - Trasition from roman to Persian - In 9, 10 cemtury, caliph surrounded by ceremony like the Persian shahs o Make ppl in awe of what they see. o Like the Persians o Translationf of Persian ideas into Arabic. They affect the way the arabs view govt o 9 th century, Persian run entire govt. - structure of govt: o number of bureaus o tradition held by Persians - also see influence by classical ideas (greek) o translation of greek classicals in science, math, into arabic o interest in material o muslim thinkers in 9/10 th century see this information (plato, Aristotle) engaging these texts to understand the world o so scientific experiment using knowledge from greek thinkers o doesn’t exist in western Europe, not even in Byzantine. Leo the mathematician (9 th century)- the most learned man in whole empire (Byzantine) The muslim try to negotiate with the Byzantine to have him sent to Baghdad Only they does the emperor see the use of Leo. The stimulous came from the muslims Thought- rationalism is the path to god. Of we can shed our ignorance, and guide by reason, will lead us to god. Not opposed to faith, but should use any principle you can to increase knowledge. Even if have to read outside work
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lecture 5-17-07 - SHI’ITE POWER/ISLAM IN AFRICA The rise...

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