lecture 5-22-07

lecture 5-22-07 - THE MAKING OF EUROPE State and ideology...

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THE MAKING OF EUROPE. State and ideology- why do states adopt certain ones? - China adopted communism in 20 th century. how impact china? different from past? - Challenge the idea, they search for new ideology- movement to bring Confucianism back as state ideology Review - transformation of roman empire- to german - today, new order emerging in w. erope- the Carolingian dynasty o the Charlemagne (d. 814) o will collape as external/internal conficts occur- invasions o then new attempt at order, role of church in this follow up from last lecture- in spain, looked at muslim conquest. - unique civilization- muslim region of Europe. - 8-11 th century. umayyads will rule - Declare ruler caliph - The capitol cordova o Renowned for architecture, art - spain controlled by island 711-1492 - mix of ppl in spain- muslim, arabs, berbers, etc o mozarobs. Who are like other ppl o scholars lilke greek classics, in spain o ideas, etc move west. o The mixing, comes from spain 8 th century - muslims in spain move to franks - who stop them - they will not advance again. - What interested in central asia? Wealth. o The franks have nothing the muslims need. o The rich ppl more attractive Pepin III the short (d. 768) - descendent of clovis? - The major of the palace- run the place for the king - Inherit this office- they have more power/land than the king, but not connected to the Merovingian family. - King ask the pope- who should be king? The person actually ruling. So they deported the king, and pepin was king o He used the pope to usurp the king- justified the usurpation. o The popes want this, need help. The lombards are attacking territories of the pope in italy. Conquer the ciy of Ravanna. (on the coast)
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o Pope ask pepin to help o Takes back Ravenna and gives back to pope. o Pope not happy with Byzantine- opposed to iconoclasm o They ally with the franks- shapes the middle ages - document- donation of Constantine. States that Constantine was struck with leprosy- cured by bishop of rome. Thanks to pope, Constantine gives entire empire to pope, retires to contantinople o believe pope has power over Europe over the king- accepted as fact. o
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lecture 5-22-07 - THE MAKING OF EUROPE State and ideology...

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