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MAKING OF ORTHODOX EUROPE- BYZANTIUM AND THE SLAVS Story in 8 th century text (Byzantine) - Young prince Iosasaph. Prophecy that if the prince sees suffering, he will become a religious man. - So king builds pleasure palace for son, so he will be insulated. - But cannot prevent a hermit called Barlaam and opens up to the encounter of life. o Like the story of the Buddha - emerges from India passing west, picked up in greek orthodox tradition, reshaped. Last lecture- Europe. - today, the other Europe. East? East and west- both face the armies of islam. - islam dominates Mediterranean - responses to these changes- devlpt of the feudal west o they have to fall back on it’s own resources. Localization of power - in Byzantium, iconoclasm. o Get rid of icons - these are responses to the expansion 843, iconoclasm ends in the orthodox world - from then till now, icons are essential to islam Slavs- into Europe. - movement from Russia into Europe. - When bulgars move in, turks who become slavs Goal- the missionary activity of the orthodox world from 9-11 th century Conversion of slavs - Bulgarians - Serbs - Russians Missionaries- goal is to convert all to Christianity - empire send them, sent by the emperor - pope doesn’t send them, emperor work with the patriarch. - How benefit the state? - Cyril and methodius- 2 missionaries o Speak Slavic and greek. Useful for converting slavs o Also have Byzantine outlook “our empire of Christ, and shall stand forever” o Also pass on political ideology o Sent to Moravia
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o Catholic missionaries are coming in to convert, but the king there doesn’t want the conversion to happen. Why? o These come from the land of the germans? Charlemagne comes to the Saxons and convert them o The king of Moravia thinks conversion means submission to the germans o So send syril and methodians o They think need to translate text into Slavic language- but slavs have no alphabet. o
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