lecture 5-29-07

lecture 5-29-07 - INDIA Looking ahead Turkish power and...

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INDIA Looking ahead- Turkish power and Persian culture - sunni revival - 10-12 century Week 10 - crusades, confrontation and contact - sung china and conclusion for whole course final exam: same format as midterm - expected to answer everything thoroughly - cover 5.2 to now - reading: some from part 1 of the course that are used for part 2 - still choose questions to answer INDIA - overwhelming topic, history, culture, lit - read craig text- about caste system. MAKE sure to understand the bond that is created for cultural unit - trends and movements in religion. - Then turks Mauryan empire - asoka- associate with Buddhism - empire begins in 4 th century BC, follow arrival of alex the great. - India exports religion of Buddhism o Impact on wider world-SE east o China- Mahayana Buddhism - falls apart in 2 nd century BCE- right at the start of mmw3 - fragments politically up till 4 th century CE o however, India itself is prosperous o political unity not linked with economic well being o India isn’t like that o Trade and contact with outside thriving - pliny the elder- complains the roman empire is being drained of gold, cuz of India trade o India has good, spices, jewels, that the west wants o Sends gold in return o Pliny notes the imbalance of trade in favor to India - also in tradition of the st. Thomas Christians o in new testament, figure Thomas he doubts that jesus is real, really rose from the dead. o He goes on to be missionary- then according to tradition he settles in India o His converts known as st. Thomas Christians o Theological story- show connection between India and the west- movement of trade, religious ideas
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o When missionaries arrive in India later, already there Gupta dynasty- same place as mauryan - 320-550CE - Post han, after the fall - Roman empire also collapsed - Represents magnificent state between east and west - Produce golden age in Indian history- everything coming together - Why golden age? Prosperity economically builds on agriculture. Cereals, rice, lentils, peas, [sugar, pepper, cinnamon]- cash crops o Taxes at 25% o Farmers usually have a surplus used for trade o Trade other source of Indian prosperity - center of textile industry o cotton, silk, linen, jewels, gems, fine stones, etc. o
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lecture 5-29-07 - INDIA Looking ahead Turkish power and...

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