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lecture 5-31-07 - TURKS, PERSIANS AND POPES Central asia-...

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TURKS, PERSIANS AND POPES Central asia- turks become dominant military force through mmw 4. with the turks, they adopt Persian culture. Why? Then back to medieval Europe, rise of the papal power. - trasoxiana (buffer)- beyond the oxos. Stretches into c. asia. Buffer/frontier between world of islam, and the nomads of c asia. Seen before, in rome and china. o collapse in the late 10 th century - nomadic- the turks o many tribes, clans o share linguistic connection, called all turks o turks who are near tras. Has muslim influence. By Sufis. They go in and offer islam by way to make it attractive. By way of holy men who have mystical power. o past 10 th century, major conversions. Significant missionary activities to 9 th century- the Abbasids - before 850, the Abbasids bring turks from c. asia into heartland, bahgdad. Use turks as military slaves. Loyal to their master. - Slaves are well taken care of, in position of power, loyal to the caliph. Specialty is cavalry, will come in as individual slaves, soldiers, will rise in the military. Central to the army, will even become generals - Compare to the turks activitiy in the roman world, and those in the muslim world. - Not a question of loyalty, same thing as romans who are loyal - Come in as small groups- but is going to change - One family will not be so loyal- 977 turkish general will take ghazna in Afghanistan o He found dynasty (Ghaznavids) 10-12 centiry o Mahmud of Ghazna (d 1030) o Will raid India- he raids india 17 times- successful all those times o Why doesn’t India defend? Are not united, even though it was prosperous o Strongest kingdom, cholas, the s. most part of India o Attack Buddhist monasteries, foundations, o 50k Indians were killed trying to prevent mahmud from getting to temple of Shiva- he personally destroys the hindu indol of Lingam o Takes 20 million golden dinars back. This was only one raid- he does this 17 times Mahmud- - with the money he gets from India, becomes a patron of scholarship- scientists, historians. When tehey don’t wanna come, he forces them o Firdawsi- persian poet. “Shahnameh” mahmud commissions this. Creates the history of Persia from the history to the rise of islam in Persia. The turk is the patron of the Persian ethic. Uses the works of sassanian historians to write this.
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o The turks don’t have writing of their own. “my people swayed upon the …of ethics. None of you have ancestors like mine” – idea that Persia is above all. Not words in Turkish - become a world-class ruler
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lecture 5-31-07 - TURKS, PERSIANS AND POPES Central asia-...

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