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CONTRAST AND CONFRONTATION- THE AGE OF THE CRUSADES Shrinking Christianity - in Europe, w./latin Europe - assaulted from all sides- Vikings from north, not Christian. Passing into spain, medi. - Magyars come to e. central germany. Take sicily in 9 th century - W. Christianity is decreasing- pop. Decrease. Control over land - This is early middle ages Late Christendom- 1000-1300. - expansion (chapter 15. up to 417.) - political disunity, no one single charolingen kingdom - w. Europe successful in brining in non-western Christians. - Scandavanians will convert to w. Christianity - Magyars will also be converted and brought into the empire - Also increase pop. In w. Europe= agriculture. Food surplus - also improvements in agriculture techniques- fewer ppl work the land, but still make more food o surplus of ppl also- they go to cities. Age of urban revival in Europe. o Emerging as centers of culture, education, econ production o Italy best example- the Italian cities o Trade In contrast to the Christianity in the west - world of orthodox Christians- the bynzantine empire - distinct world not part of latin Christianity - distinct in terms of theology, letergical practice. Worship - also the idea of politics. Orthodoxy islam -controls portions of today’s Europe - spain, sicily in control by islam - s. italy primarily orthodox SPAIN - controlled by the muslim caliphates - in the north, several Christ. Kingdoms that had been resisting- begin to put into islam in the 11 th century o because the muslim caliphate begins to fragment, Christ. Take advantage of this o El Cid in this period- romantic fight for Christians. o Statue in balboa park o The reconquest of spain o Become popular story, just like Sinbad - confront the power of islam - pilgrimage routes- had the relics of st. james?
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o Christians come to spain from france to venerate these relics as part of their pilgrimage o Also monks (cluniacs) in spain, monasteries. Connection between n. and s. of the pyrianies. o Want knights to come south to fight the muslims, to protect the pilgrimage routes, and to defent - pope Gregory V11, also wants knights to come to fight the muslims o the knights that show up are the Normans- from Normandy. o 911, a man named rolo (Viking). The Normans were Vikings who had been converted to Christianity o They do adapt and imitate European use of the horse. o Normans were intensely religious. o Fervent desire for god, also able and ready to slaughter at the same time o Combo of faith and violence One Norman- William the conquerer Conquers the Saxons, the germans in England. Why so many English names have latin roots
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