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lecture 6-7-07 - SUNG CHINA AND MMW3 CONCLUSION Final exam...

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SUNG CHINA AND MMW3 CONCLUSION Final exam- wed 3-6pm - bring bluebook - content: lecture 5.2-10.2. but might refer back to something before that- parallel between events, groups of ppl, ideas, etc. not cumulative, but some aspects from before midterm - format: IDs, connecting ideas, quotations (what is text, culture, time, what it’s all about). Images: explain, kind of like an ID. Two images- connection between them? How does it explain something to us? Will be a choice. SUNG CHINA- 10-13 th century - overlap, between 3 and 4 mmw. - Material in craig text will be on final - Age of phenomenal growth. Population- double to 100 million ppl - Cities of 50K numerous- many cities with a million ppl- 2 cities - Age of commerce, industry. . sung commercial revolution - Age of innovation…compass, gun powder, printing (expand here) o Profound impact on modern world, begin here - age of cultural achievement…poetry, art, lit - emerge in 960- faces serious obstacles. o They’re in the north. o China cannot be united- ppl in the north challenging sung power. o Not expansionist like tang- does not send armies into central china. o Army is one of defense- huge. 1.25 million men. Cost of keeping army. Revenue power to support these ppl. o Confucian dynasty. Turning inward, back to old ways. More Chinese. Tang was the most open age of china (foreign students, Chinese art, etc) o How supply army? Control this? State monopolies- over iron, tea, salt production. Iron production explodes in this period- 13.5K tons (in 800) to 125K tons (1100). This unmactched till the industrial revolution Used to make weapons to trade Surplus- utensils for agriculture. Farming in this period: - expanding- more land brought into cultivation than seen before. Swamps, and lands that weren’t be able to be farmed o gives tax incentives o rice- staple crop. New forms of rice. Fast ripening, resistant to drought, other problems. More calaries per acre than any other o china in sung has surplus of food. More than family needs. Sell the surplus food. With profit will buy tea, wine, oil, others. o
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lecture 6-7-07 - SUNG CHINA AND MMW3 CONCLUSION Final exam...

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