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Hammer 1 Matt Hammer Dr. Vorachek English 102 26 March 2007 Annotated Bibliography The Harry Potter series is considered one of the greatest series of our time. It attracted a variety of readers to the pass time of reading. If it had not been for Harry Potter, many children would not enjoy the idea of reading for “fun”. The series is not only popular with children, but with teenagers and adults of all sorts as well. The articles in this bibliography show the relationship between children’s literacy, and the phenomenon of the Harry Potter series. This will help answer the question, does the Harry Potter series improve children’s literacy rate? Black, Sharon. "Harry Potter: A magical prescription for just about anyone." Journal of 46.7 (2003): 540-4. Academic search Complete. EBSCO. U of Dayton Roesch Lib., Dayton, OH. 11 Mar. 2008<> As an English teacher, Black shares many accounts of people who have enjoyed the Harry Potter series. A variety of adults and children describe the fun of escaping reality and joining the fantasy world of Harry Potter. Black also shares some of the scenes in the different books for examples of magical trips that help the mind escape. The article may be helpful in giving information on literacy and why children enjoy reading from a firsthand account. Delfiner, Rita. "Is Harry Potter Too Wicca for Kiddies to Read?" Cesnur . 26 Sept. 2000. New York Times. 23 Mar. 2008 < Many books are being banned in the school systems because they do not follow the traditional or “classic” beliefs. Delfiner reports on the many parents who are afraid if their children start to read Harry Potter they will fall for the Wicca religion of witchcraft. She also voices the other side, parents enforce the idea that libraries carry book and children can pick whatever book they wish, and if Harry Potter is not that book, they do not have to choose the specific series. Delfiner’s article may be helpful in creating a counter argument to that of those concerned with the promotion of witchcraft.
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Annotated bib - Hammer 1 Matt Hammer Dr Vorachek English...

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