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MMW II Prof Herbst 4/17/07 Week 3.1: Rome: From Crisis to Imperial Christianity Review Jesus in Context Spread Martyrdom Orthodoxy Canon Missionary Paul is able to bridge three worlds which helps the spread of Christianity. Orthodoxy/Heresy Roman Empire Crisis (3 rd Century) Christianization Consequences and Responses Timeframe Ca 200-400 Leading into the Christianization of the Roman Empire. How does this impact the state? Its internal and external policies? Alternative Christianities Variety of Approaches Docetists Gnostics Gnosis Montanus Prophets Marcion Demurge (creator) vs. God Scriptures Early on there are varieties of approaches to Christinaity. Different ways of looking at and interpreting Christniatity Docetists those that believed that God would not take a physical body. Thus Jesus was a mirage, only appeared to be human. Didn’t physically live or die. Many Docetists were also Gnostics. Gnostics believed that salvation comes by accessing the sacred Gnosis (knowledge). Knowledge is what offers salvation. If knowledge is the key, then the Gnostics could argue that this generation is better than the last, spiritually. If the body doesn’t matter, but we seem to live in the body, then what should be done. Some Gnostics this meant live ascetic (simple) lives, some were indulgent (body doesn’t matter, so why not do what you want?)
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Montanus for them not passing on secret knowledge, but direct revelation from God through Montanus and through his female associates that lead to salvation. Then they would pass it on. Offering new prophecy. Montanus created concerns because: where does the “new prophecies” end? Need something to check and compare the prophecy to. There is no new testament in the 2 nd century. Simply various people offering their approach to Christianity. The idea to define Christianity actually comes from Marcion. Marcion approach is that the God that is seen in the Hebrew Scriptures (old testament) is not the real, almighty God. Rather it is a sub-being. That being is what created the messed up world. In contrast there is a real God. How do we know? Look at scriptures. Why else would the old God be jealous? Marcion begins to create his own bible. Takes some of the letters of Paul, some of the Gospels and creates his own version of the bible. Response to these version of Christianity is Orthodoxy. Christian Response Bishop Irenaeus of Lyons Against Heresies Later 2 nd Century Canon Rule of Faith Apostolic Succession Establisment of Orthodoxy Heresy Irenaeus is a Greek in what we now know of as Lyon. Irenaeus argues for the main version of Christianity. Argues for the orthodoxy real teaching. Irenaeus argues that a canon of scriptures is needed. See in the reading; there are 4
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reading4 - MMW II Prof Herbst 4/17/07 Week 3.1: Rome: From...

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