Ch 3 - Legal, Technological & Political Forces

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CHAPTER 3 Legal Environment: Common Law: o Based on wisdom of judges decisions on individual cases through history o Cases create legal precedents o Used in: United States Canada Australia India New Zealand Barbados Saint Kitts Nevis Malaysis Civil Law: o Based on codification of what is and is not permissable o Originated in biblical times with the Romans o Reinforced by French Napoleonic code o Judge determines scope of evidence collected and presented o Egypt’s legal system is a blend of English common law & the French Napoleonic
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Unformatted text preview: code & Islamic Law Religious Law: o Based on the officially established rules governing faith and practice of a particular religion o Theocracy: country that applies religious law to civil and criminal conduct Bureaucratic Law o Legal system in communist countries & dictatorships Laws affecting International Business: o Sanctions o Embargo o Extraterritoriality Helms-Burton Act Laws Directed Against Foreign Firms: o Nationalization o Expropriation o Confiscation o Privatization...
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