MUJZ - Questions on Swing Music Know what Goodman did that...

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Questions on Swing Music Know what Goodman did that began to break down national attitudes towards segregation He was the King of Swing, so popular that he could choose what places to play in and would refuse to play in the ones that did not accept mixed race bands. He hired separate train car for his band so they didn’t have to deal with racism. Had access to places black musicians didn’t Know who was the most important pianist of the Swing Era and why this was so. Count Bassie, revolutionary style and sound from Kansas city and outstanding rhythm section. Mary Lou Williams. When and why was KCMO an important center for the jazz community? When and why was KCMO an important center for the jazz community? It was an economic oasis, a mecca for migrants from the South and musicians in search of work in the late 20s and 1930s. musicians like lester young When and why was 52 nd Street an important center for the jazz community? The abundance of clubs and nightlife there made it an important place for jazz musicians to showcase their talent. 1930-1950 – development of bebop How did the 21 st Amendment to the Constitution (1933) impact on the jazz community? Allowed for legal clubs and bars to be opened again after 18 th amendment of prohibition and provide more legitimate work for the jazz musicians instead of working in the speakeasies Who were the two protagonists who battled it out at the conclusion of the Jazz 34 video? Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young What were some of the unspoken rules of the jazz community for jam sessions in the 30’s? One had to prove himself worthy to play with the band, like Lester Young did as he stood up in the audience and played. Also, the length of all solos was determined by the first solo. Which protagonist in Jazz 34 supposedly won the KCMO encounter? According to Rex Stewart, who won the NYC encounter? Lester Young won,
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Questions on Bebop Explain what made Bebop different from the older styles. Melodic ideas more disconnected and angular For listening not dancing Playing really unusual and unique was very important Harmonic language more complex Identify two of the early masters of Bebop for the following instruments: Trumpet – Miles David Dizzy Gilespie Sax – Charlie Parker Sonny Rollins Drums – Kenny Clarke Stan Levey Piano – Theolonious Monk Bud Powell Big band What was the name of the jazz nightclub that supposedly gave birth to modern jazz? Where was it located? Minton’s Playhouse – West 118 th Street in NYC in 1938, after hours jam sessions took place here What were Contrafact tunes and why did Bop musicians create them? Writing a new composition based on the same chord changes of an existing song, used as a technique of soloing and became central to bebop style because original melodies of songs were generally too slow for Bebop What important Swing Era vocalist introduced Bop into her vocal style after working with Dizzy Gillespie? Sarah Vaughan – Shulie a Bop
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MUJZ - Questions on Swing Music Know what Goodman did that...

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