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SPORTS PSYCH test 1 - PST systematic and consistent...

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PST- systematic and consistent practice of mental or psychological or psychological skills. Maintaining skills like concentration, regulating arousal levels, enhancing confidence, and maintaining motivation also need to be practiced. -walking off In disgust after losing when you shoulda won -choked at critical point in game -mind wandering during game -angry and frustrated and put yourself down Useful topics -Arousal regulation -imagery -confidence building -increasing motivation and commitment (goal setting) -attention or concentration skills VISUALIZATION -process of creating pictures or images in your mind, thinking in pictures -sharpen senses to create vivid and mental pictures. -the more vivid the images the more powerful the effects of visualization become -mentally rehearse difficult routines -positive mental images -establish a regular visualization practice routine -three to five minutes per day NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL CUES OF PEAK PERFORMANCE FEELINGS 1. Mentally relaxed- inner calm, time slowed, able to focus clearly on details in present
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