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Table of Contents Page Number Cover Page Industry SIC/NAICS (number(s) and noun name(s)) : Company Names: Brief Reasoning of Choice: Table of Contents Industry Profile ( 4 pages) 1 Company A ( 3 pages) 3 Company B ( 3 pages) 5 Company C ( 3 pages) 7 Career Development Center ( 1 pages) 9 Personal Thoughts ( 2 pages) 11 Appendices Company A’s X Company A’s Appendix A2: X+1 Company A’s (one page ONLY) : X+? Other Company A’s Appendices (as required) : X+?? Company B’s Y Company B’s Appendix A2: Y+1 Company B’s Appendix B1 & B2 (same page ONLY) : Y+? Other Company B’s Appendices (as required) : Y+?? Company C’s Z Company C’s Appendix A2: Z+1 Company C’s Appendix B1 & B2 (same page ONLY) : Z+? Other Company C’s Appendices (as required) : Z+?? Some Relevant Financial Ratios Appendix C: Z+??? Endnotes
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WT_01_IntroIndustrCompanyReportFormat_rev_04 -...

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