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test 2 review answers

test 2 review answers - 3.3.08 1 Have to have a sample...

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3.3.08 1. Have to have a sample because you cant poll everyone. Not purely random. Stratified by the independent variables. Weight the strata based on the percentage of the population. Try to minimize the bias as much as possible. 2. A process by which people gain political knowledge 3. They are measurable proxys for political socialization, other variables are too hard to measure, so we must measure things such as race, age 4. We use the variables we use because we suspect they play a common role in voting, and others like ice cream flavors do not 5. Therories are not provable, can be disproved. It is replaced with a more explanatory theory, the new theory should explain everything the old theory did, and explained why the other was wrong 6. They weren’t mass participation parties, they were elite factions, they possessed many aspects of mass participation parties such as, they have office holders. 7. He was the first socially conservative president. Led his party to become the party of social conservatives 8.
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