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2.22.08 Fri - 1 Stratified Random Sampling Sample is...

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1. Stratified Random Sampling Sample is mandatory, around 1000 people Strata is independent variables , age race, gender. . . and they are weighted by population percentage We want the sample to be a mini version of the population (voters) Randomization: all of our excluded variables such as time of day, need to be randomized. We randomize the excluded variables to keep sample from being biased, trying to achieve as minimal an error as possible 2. Results The results are an estimate Idea is to keep it as small as possible The overall goal is to minimize estimation error The results are probabilistic not deterministic Independent variables Do the independent variables cause the behavior? We chose the independent variables we chose because they were measurable The independent variables don’t necessarily cause the behavior, but are proxys for political socialization Political socialization- is the process by which individuals gain political knowledge. Agents of political socialization: formal education, media, family, peers, religious leaders
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2.22.08 Fri - 1 Stratified Random Sampling Sample is...

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