2.27.08 Wed

2.27.08 Wed - Political Parties o Have to have mass...

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Unformatted text preview: Political Parties o Have to have mass participation o There was elite rule when America was founded o The office holders were quasi-parties: elite action based on competition o General model of party competition and change o I t moved from elite to mass o In this competition each set will be more mass based than the previous set o In each period there were two parties o Start from most elite and move to most mass o Elite v. mass status quo v. change conservative v. liberal dominant v. reactive one survives and one dies o Founding Party Two quasi-parties Federalists; elite, conservative, dominant, status quo (social), plan of government had fewer offices of government Antifederalists; mass, liberal, change (social); antifederalists died issue death Next two parties come from a split of the federalist party o 1790-1830 Two quasi-parties National Republicans; core of the original federalists, was the quasi- party of John Adams, was the elite conservative party, died organizational death Democratic Republicans; quasi-party of Thomas Jefferson, less enthusiastic about building up strength of National government, more mass government than National Republicans, liberal, favored more...
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2.27.08 Wed - Political Parties o Have to have mass...

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