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POLS 206 Instructor: Jesse Chupp Exam III Review Spring 2008 1. How were Senators originally chosen and how are they chosen now? Senators were originally appointed by state legislatures, now they are elected in statewide elections. 2. Describe the procedural differences between the House and Senate. The house is all about majority power and majority rule, and the senate is about the power of the individual and the minority and leads to a procedure of consensus 3. Describe the three theories of representation . Delegate always goes with the majority, the ideologue always votes his conscience, politico mixes in order to enhance his or her standing with party and/or legislators. All real legislators are politico, not all have equal political skill. BELL curve, leadership is competitive, and only those that have superior political skill can achieve those leadership major offices. Low politicos are either too timid or too crazy 4. How does size affect committee membership and operation in Congress? Both chambers have committees, average senator has to sit on many more committee. House members are much more policy experts, and Senators are policy generalists 5. How does term length affect institutional behavior in Congress? The house members have to be much more attentive to public opinion. Legislation in house is much more reflective of public opinion 6. Describe the apportionment process and its political implications. House is appointed according to population, was absolute but number was capped, so know it
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is relative population, is reconfigured every 10 years, take the states population divided by the US population and multiply by 435. This has the effect of exaggerating systematic population shifts. KNOW SHIFTS. 7.
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chupp_pols206_spring2008_exam3_review - POLS 206...

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