3.31.08 - Institutional behavior Finished up congress...

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Institutional behavior Finished up congress Presidency (executive branch) o Article 2 doesn’t specify the powers of the executive branch except that they should be invested in the power of the president. o Constitution specified that there would be a single executive o Congress was skeptical of executive power o The Executive authority is very powerful and efficient but potentially oppressive, the single person is very efficient in being able to lead or institute change or vision. o Job of the constitution is to set limits on the presidential power o Electoral College (the method of selecting the president) Constitution could exercise an institutional check over the executive power What? How? Why? (function and its purpose) Mechanics of the electoral college An aggregate of separate state contests, not a national election, there are no national elections. What does the constitution say about the presidential election, we do not have a constitutional right, no guaranteed right for individuals to have any vote in presidential contests. Constitution is silent on this issue. The state legislators have exclusive control of all elections. State legislators at some point have provided a right or a practical right to
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3.31.08 - Institutional behavior Finished up congress...

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