4.2.08 - Continue on the Presidency Electoral College Last...

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4/2/08 Continue on the Presidency Electoral College Last time we laid out mechanics Motivations and Criticisms o One key criticism of the electoral college is the understanding that it is undemocratic. It is undemocratic for two related reasons because it is actually possible to win the contest with less voters voting for the winning candidate; There are two ways this can happen ,1824 example - If no majority in the first round, it is up to House of Representatives, in 2000 example - there were more votes cast for the loser Al Gore by the people, but because of the electoral college Bush still won and it was possible because of the weighting mechanism, meaning there are unequal weight to votes from different states. An example a vote from california is not as valuable as a vote from Montana. Montana has three electoral votes, however they only have about 300000 voters. In California there are 54 electoral votes, but there are about 10 million people voting. The factor of increase in population is 30 times but is not credited for. California should be allowed 90 electoral votes to preserve equal voting strength. The typical Montana voter has about two times as much a voter impact than a California voter. o The scenario of less votes that lead to a win: (played out in the 2000 election) we would want to win lots of smaller states in close election (since it is winner take all) and lose larger states by larger margins. In 2000 Bush received about 600000 less
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4.2.08 - Continue on the Presidency Electoral College Last...

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