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Executive Branch o Governor o Veto power can veto can spending bill o No pocket veto power o Governor must sign or veto bill within 10 days o If he does neither it automatically becomes law after 10 days o To override veto if 2/3 of house and 2/3 of senate override him his veto can be overridden o Governor can swing state court system towards his ideology o Texas has death penalty, is responsible for election pardons board o Governor always follows pardon boards recommendation. He has to accept it. o Governor can grant a 30 day reprieve, can only grant one 30 day deprieve per person o Can call the national guard in case of a disaster o Executive branch in texas is called the plural executive.
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Unformatted text preview: o Leuitinant governor is in charge or the senate, sits on budgeting board, committees, most powerful political official in the state. o The state attorney general is elected; collects child support; attorney general writes binding opinion; if it is unconstitutional the bill is pulled. o Comptroller of Public Accounts; the treasure limits budgetary powers of governors, is elected, started 1876, oversees tax collection in the state. Management and efficiency audit is conducted on every state agency at random. Generates revenue forcast, does this every other year....
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